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Five Benefits of Buying Upcycled Refinished Furniture

Black Old Charm Upcycled Sideboard

When I first started selling my upcycled furniture I don't think everyone really appreciated the benefits. And I think that may be because in the past upcycling was associated with just slapping a bit of paint on and going "shabby chic". However, the upcycled refinished furniture world has evolved so much over the last few years. With thorough prep, the attention to detail, the quality of the products and finishes. That's why we now call our work "refinished" or "renewed" as the furniture really is given a full re-do inside and out. So in this blog I thought I'd write about some of the benefits of buying upcycled refinished furniture:

1. It's good for the environment.

When you buy upcycled refinished furniture, you're helping to reduce the amount of waste that ends up going to landfill. Many pieces of furniture that are refinished, are those that in their original state, are no longer desirable. Upcycling them means that they stay out of the waste stream.

And a supply of quality upcycled furniture on the market, also reduces the demand for mass produced new furniture - which in turn helps to reduce the environmental impact of creating new products. Upcycled furniture is the sustainable option.

2. It's unique

No two pieces of refinished furniture are exactly alike. This makes it a great way to add personal style to your home. You can find upcycled furniture in a variety of styles, so you're sure to find something that fits your taste.

And with many creatives offering a bespoke customisation service - you can commission an item to your exact requirements. You can find out more about my commission service by clicking here.

3. It's durable.

Upcycled refinished furniture is often made from high-quality materials that have been well-cared for. This means that it will last for many years, even with regular use. You will find dovetail joints and quality methods of constuction. In many instances far superior to what you can find to buy in newly made pieces. No saggy drawer bottoms or chipboard! As part of the upcycling process each piece is carefully assessed to ensure a quality end product. The aim is to create beautiful furniture that you can enjoy for many years to come.

4. It's a conversation starter.

Luxury upcycled furniture is sure to turn heads when guests come to visit. We all love to have our own home style. And to have it admired by our friends and family. Having a unique upcycled piece of furniture is a great way to start a conversation about your personal style. And the benefits of buying sustainably.

5. It's a feel-good purchase.

Buying refinished furniture is a great way to feel good about yourself and the impact you're making on the world. You end up with a beautiful unique quality piece of furniture that matches your own style. And you are also helping the environment, supporting a small business, and a sustainable economy.

If you're looking for a way to add unique, stylish, and sustainable pieces to your home, consider buying luxury upcycled furniture. You won't be disappointed. There are many on line market places to find quality upcycled furniture. If you would like to see what I currently have available then visit my Shop. Other places to shop for upcycled furniture are Upcite, Vinterior, and Etsy.

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